APIIT – BSc (Hons) International Business Management


Increasingly businesses are becoming more and more international. This requires business management professionals to have knowledge, skills and competencies to succeed in a global business environment that is increasingly becoming volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. The BSc (Hons) International Business Management can be completed as a three-year or a two-year (accelerated) full-time degree awarded by Staffordshire University, UK.

You will learn about the global economic landscape and the dynamics of the international business environment. You will learn business functions with a focus on their operation in an international setting. You will acquire the skills needed to plan, organize, manage and lead business operations in a borderless world. In addition, the curriculum enhances the development of entrepreneurial skills which helps graduates venture into start-up businesses or perform well in their careers.

On successful completion of the BSc (Hons) International Business Management, students will be awarded with a Staffordshire University degree.


Year 1

  • The Future of Work
  • Global Challenges and Opportunities
  • Data and Decision Making
  • Risk and Reward
  • Balance of Power
  • Social Enterprise

Year 2

  • Business Creativity and Innovation
  • Global Supply Chain and Logistics
  • Information Systems in Organisations
  • Managing Across Cultures
  • International Trade and Finance
  • Global Human Resource Management

Year 3

  • International Business Strategy
  • Global Marketing Management
  • Consultancy Project
  • Optional Module 1
  • Optional Module 2

Optional Modules in Year 3: Leadership Strategy and Social Impact, Corporate Reputation, Innovative Change Management

Admission Requirements

The minimum qualifications required for admission on the standard route are:
A. GCE Advanced Level

  1. Sri Lankan: 3 passes or
  2. London, Cambridge or Edexcel : 3 D passes or


Asia Pacific Institute of Information Technology Degree Foundation


B. GCE/GCSE Ordinary Level – Credit Pass (Grade 4) for English


C. Equivalent qualifications

The minimum qualifications required for admission on the accelerated route are:
– GCE Advanced Level (Sri Lankan, London, Cambridge or Edexcel) – 3 C passes and
– GCE/GCSE Ordinary Level – Credit Pass (Grade 4) for English

You may apply pending A/L results. Applicants with additional qualifications may receive advanced entry.

Career Opportunities

You will be trained to take up management positions in areas such as import, export, global marketing and international logistics. You will be able to start work in Human Resource Management, Business Consultation, Business Analysis, Management Services, Market Research and Marketing, Retail Management, Purchasing, Academia etc. You may also look forward to rewarding careers as Global Business Professionals in multinational corporations.


3 Years

Contact Details

+94 117 675 100
388, Union Place, Colombo 02

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